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The family of asylum seekerHamid Kehazaei has made the decision to switch off the 24 year old's life support in Brisbane and to donate his organs in Australia.

The Iranian asylum seeker has been on life support in Brisbane's Mater Hospital since last week whenhe was evacuated to the mainland from Papua New Guinea, where he was being held in the Manus Island detention centre. His organs will be donated in Australia.

Mr Kehazaeiwas evacuated to the mainland last Thursdayafter his condition had reportedly deteriorated when a cut foot became infected, which led to severe septicaemia. He was pronounced brain dead this week.

His death will be the second fatality of an asylum seeker who has been held in the Manus Island detention centre.

Fairfax Media has also learnt Achat Levitra 10mg of another asylum seeker in the Darwin detention "Gensci China Jintropin" centre who was transferred for severe head injuries after hitting himself against a wall.

A spokeswoman for Immigration Equipoise In Pill Form Minister Scott Morrison said: "The Minister is advised there is no record of the events as have been described."

In February, Iranian asylum seeker Brand Cialis Uk Reza Barati was killed during violent clashes in the centre. Sixty nine asylum seekers were also injured in the clashes.

The decision by Mr Kehazaei's family comes as Mr Morrison told reporters in Brisbane that the immigration system will sometimes experience "incidents".

"I should stress that on occasion we have incidents that occur in our Nandrolone Cypionate detention facilities and outside our detention facilities," Mr Morrison said on Friday morning.

Mr Morrison denied reports thatMrKehazaei had been mistreated in the system, saying he was given "outstanding care".

"When someone becomes ill they receive outstanding care from the people who work as part of our mainland Dianabol 50mg Results detention network," Mr Morrison said."[In offshore detention centres International Health and Mental Services] do an outstanding job."

Mr Morrison said he would be asking the immigration department's chief medical officer to review the clinical treatment of the asylum seeker while he was on Manus Island and in Brisbane.

"I will base my assessment on the treatment on the facts and not Facebook."

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young renewed calls to close the Manus detention centre.

"Scott Morrison says Hamid received 'outstanding' care on Manus Island. Well, if 'outstanding' care on Manus Island sees someone die because of a cut foot, it Comprar Gh Jintropin needs to be shut down," she said.

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