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on a Monday through Thursday, you'll likely find employees in devotion and prayer just inside the glass walled lobby of the Easley company.

Seeking God's guidance at the start of each workday is one way owner Kim Newton expresses her trust in and appreciation to God. After all, she says, it's because of him that the company she started in her attic now produces thousands of Christian and sports themed jewelry items for big name retailers nationwide.

The company's products can be found in local boutiques as well as Bass Pro Shops, LifeWay Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores, Books A Million, corporate Hallmark stores and other outlets around the country.

"Incredible" is how Newton's daughter and soon to be Clemson University graduate, Taylor, sums up her mother's success.

"The Lord has blessed her, that's for sure," says Taylor, who also handles the company's accounts payable and receivable. "Just to see what it came from, her putting little cross earrings together to ordering thousands from China, is absolutely amazing."

Newton, who turns 50 this year, is still in awe at seeing her products showcased by retailers. It's something she looks for, especially when she's traveling.

"I get a bigger kick at looking for stores in other states," she said. "I've traveled to New York, Chicago, and you're like 'That's our stuff! It comes from Greenville, South Carolina!' You just can't believe it."

Kim and her husband of 25 plus years, Chris Newton, a certified financial planner with UBS in downtown Greenville, moved into their house on Lake Keowee a year ago.

"We didn't think we'd go to Testosterone Cypionate Blood Levels Chart our retirement home for 10 more years, but I thought when I went there I would be chillin'," Kim said. "It's the virtual opposite. Testosterone Propionate U.S.P 100 Mg While most people (at this stage) are starting to slow down, I'm just amping up."

A life of its own

Newton never dreamed she'd be where she is today.

A former stay at home mom who at times bought and flipped houses, Newton wasn't trying "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" to become an entrepreneur when she went into a craft store one day to figure out how to make her own inspirational jewelry. She simply couldn't find cross earrings in a style she liked.

"They all seemed to be Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg/5ml older, like something my mother or grandmother would wear," said Newton, who moved to Greenville from Chicago with her husband and two children in "Oxandrolone Powder India" the late 1990s. So Newton began making her own.

Newton's friends took note of the jewelry and began requesting that she make pieces for them. She made custom cross earrings, beaded necklaces and bracelets, usually with cross charms, for friends for about a year. She also sold items in a small number of local shops.

From "Hgh Jintropin Avis" there, Newton said, the hobby took on a life of its own.

"We have gone from having our products in 54 stores at "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" the end of 2010, to in about 1,000 stores at the end of 2011, and now in June 2012, we are in over 1,200 and gaining stores every day," Newton said.

But, she said, "the business is not successful because of us. It's often in spite of us. We do some things right and some things wrong, but it's like God cleans up our messes and we just keep on going."

To keep up with the growth, Heart on Your Sleeve moved out of Newton's attic in 2010 and into a 700 square foot office on Pelham Road. 123.

God plan

Newton, who grew up in Miami, moved to Greenville in 1997.

She and her family had traveled to the Upstate years earlier to visit her husband's brother, who had been transferred here with Northwest Airlines. They, like so many others, "fell in love" with the area and decided to make it their home.

"My husband was a bond trader in Chicago, and we were looking for a slower lifestyle to raise our kids, who were 4 and 7," Newton said.

A few years before the Newtons moved here, Dana Stone and her family had moved from Missouri to the Upstate, nudged by BMW Manufacturing's arrival.

Newton and Stone met when they started singing together in the praise band at Brookwood Church. They didn't know it then, but Newton would become Stone's employer, and together the two would launch Heart on Your Sleeve Design.

Looking back, Stone said, she sees that God was preparing her and Newton for what they're doing now.

For instance, she said, both obtained experience in areas of retail without knowing they'd need it.

"It just happened," Stone said. "The job I got was Buy Jintropin wholesale retail, and I learned a great deal from that. She went into the retail side of it, so we just got all this information."

In the early years of her marriage, Newton worked as an X ray technician. She then went into medical sales when Taylor and her son, CJ, a rising sophomore at Clemson, were born. For a while, Newton also worked part time at a Greenville retail shop.

Stone and Newton also operated a booth at Palmetto Home and Garden for a couple of years while the children were in school.