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´╗┐Uh Huh Her unapologetically polishes its act

"We thought, "Oh, we'll just release this EP under this name, no big deal.' "

Because Uh Huh Her also happens to be the name of a "Anadrol 50" 2004 album by alt rock icon PJ Harvey, Grey and Hailey had faced unforeseen challenges, the most unexpected of which is that people often mistake the project for a Harvey cover band.

Somewhat surprisingly, the session musician turned front woman admits that the duo's dreamy Steroids Injection Gone Wrong electro ballads, which feature haunting vocal stylings, are actually inspired by Radiohead.

"I cannot help but let them seep into my brain every two seconds," she says. "Everything they've done is just so unique. I really applaud people who do concept records and kind of go off the deep end like they did with Amnesiac and don't really care what their fans think because it's their art."

On the topic of music as art, the ladies of Uh Huh Her couldn't be happier with Common Reaction, a stunning affair of slinky synthesizer laden pop released on Vancouver's Nettwerk Records. Building on the moody sensibilities of last year's "Anadrol 50" I See Red EP, the act's debut full length refines what was a stormy, retro inspired sound, offering slick '80s influenced melodies like "Explode" and "Not a Love Song".

"You can definitely see the difference," Grey says of the two records. "One is kind of lo fi DIY style and the other is really polished. That was kind of the goal just to polish everything up."

There was another "Anaboliset Aineet" goal in making the album: to prove that Grey and her The L Word actress bandmate (Hailey who also played in the '90s indie pop band the Murmurs stars as Alice Pieszecki on the hit Showtime series) have more to offer than a stylish wardrobe, Hollywood good looks, and, um, a supposed predisposition to girl on girl action. Ultimately, the two musicians hope that Common "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Reaction will Methandienone Msds highlight some of their other skills.

"I think that people like to think this is a vanity project because we're two chicks in a band who like to dress "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" up, but Methenolone Enantat Kur it really isn't," Grey says defiantly. "We can play our asses off."